sábado, 26 de febrero de 2011


Sometimes we start the day saying ''today is gona be alright''.We try to do everything for to get it.
We go on classes,sit on the chair and try to pay atention.When clases are over we feel the day is just how we have been thinking before.We go home, take rest,and then we meet friends.
Our friends are great,a bit of everything you can find.
We like our friends,don't we?
 But anything is perfect,and always is someone who fucks everything.They love to do it.Why this people can't be quiet,can't just be,and let be others?

The answer is: they can't.
They have fun when they do bad things to others,they are happy doing it.

Last monday one boy from my school was victim of violence.Other boy hit him and he had went on hospital.The point is my school is completely quiet,nothing of this happened before. 

People who do this,really don't know about what others can feel or not.They feel powerful hitting each other and doesn't matter about consequences.Doesn't matter about what can happen with their victims after.They don't care anything because they don't know anything
We have to be together and strong always if we want violence to end.

Ready for to end this?

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