lunes, 31 de enero de 2011

80's party for 18's birthday

These were some photos from the last Saturday night,when was my birhtday party,with some friends.Every body,as you can see,was dressed up like in 80's.We dressed up with clothes we found on the back of the cupboard,it was so funny!

After to be there,we went to a pub (with this cloths) for to be with some other mates.Can you imagine how people saw us at the street?

I think you can't see it,but in the 3º pic,my friend Álvaro was playing the harmonica.It sounds amazing played by him!
It was the best party I've ever had for my birthday!

                       Thank you friends!

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  1. me alegro que lo habeis pasado tan bien :):)

    jajja y me encanta el pantalon xD